Freelance Program

The secret to our success is not only in providing powerful, high-quality software products and solutions. It is those talented, committed and motivated partners who take Hashtag IT to the next level. Our partners have the will to go further than others. In addition, they are flexible so that they can adapt quickly to a constantly changing global market. They are passionate and have the sense to know when to take a step back to see everything in perspective.

Our freelance program is for these independent talented partners who want to work flexible at their own schedules from anywhere and for those business partners whom are searching for part-time support on ICT projects. #IT takes it upon them to connect these business partners with the independent partners. #IT will operate as the project leader and will handle all back and forth communication.

If you have any skills in software programming, power apps or anything ICT related and interested in our program, please register with us: [email protected].

*There are no fees subjected to registering with this program.


If you want to register as an independent partner, please send us your resume and your desired hourly rate. Please note that you cannot register with us if you are currently working for a software and solutions company or any company that you have a conflicting contract with. Also, if you get hired after registering with us, you are obligated to notify us.


If you want to register as a business partner, please send us your request for proposal, project plan or vacancy.